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Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Feature: Good Sports

Rhymes About Running, Jumping, Throwing and More

Good Sports: Rhymes About Running, Jumping, Throwing and More contains poems about a wide range of sports and the children who play them.  These rhymes are not about star athletes, but about kids who like playing sports. One of the fun things about this book is that it features a wide range of sports, not just soccer, basketball and football. You'll read poems about Frisbee, track, swimming and others.

This book is a great choice for a Read-Aloud about sports or outdoor activities. The poems are short, but include complex vocabulary, so it's best for six- to twelve-year-olds.

  • Ask children to come up with sports not covered in the book, like skiing, bike riding and diving. If they need other ideas, they can think about sports that are part of the Olympics.
  • Talk about the illustrations; ask if it looks like the pictures are moving. Can the children draw action pictures?
  • Discuss the children's favorite sports. Are these sports in the book? Are their experiences with the sport similar to or different from those expressed in the poems?

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