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Monday, January 9, 2012

Dealing with cancellations

You and your team are all set to go with a terrific Read-Aloud. And then it snows. 

Since it's the season when snow storms are most likely to be a factor with Read-Alouds, here is the snow policy.

TRC follows the local school systems in determining whether or not to cancel a Read-Aloud. If school was cancelled or if all evening activities are cancelled on the day of your reading, Read-Alouds are cancelled. Sites in Alexandria follow Alexandria City Public Schools, Arlington sites follow Arlington Public Schools, DC sites follow DCPS and Fairfax County sites follow FCPS. When you realize your Read-Aloud needs to be cancelled due to snow, contact your fellow volunteers and your site to be sure everyone has been notified.

We hope that Read-Alouds are never cancelled, understanding that it is disappointing for volunteers who have planned ahead and are looking forward to their night with the kids. But experience has shown that Read-Alouds sometimes need to be cancelled for non-weather reasons such as sickness in the shelter, no staff on hand, or a scheduling conflict at the site. Sometimes teams find that team members needed to cancel before finding substitutes. If only one volunteer can attend a Read-Aloud, it must be cancelled. 

Although it is disappointing to volunteers and kids, there's usually nothing we can do about a last-minute cancellation. On the positive side, your Read-Aloud for your next session is already planned. Renew the library books and keep needed supplies where you'll remember them next month. 

If you offer to substitute on other teams at your site, you may be able to prevent a cancellation. By doing so, you can still enjoy your once a month visit with the kids and you help out a fellow volunteer.

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