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Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Feature: Press Here

Next time you're looking for the ultimate interactive book for your Read-Aloud, head to your local library or book store and pick up a copy of Press Here by Herve Tullet.

The very simple text in this book gives the reader instructions for what do do with the illustrations. The book starts out with a white page with a yellow dot in the middle. The text asks you to "Press here and turn the page."  Any eager reader will want to press the dot and see what happens on the next page. On the second page there are two dots, as if by pressing the first dot, the reader created the second. This continues throughout the book as the reader is asked to perform a variety of actions including pressing and rubbing the dots, clapping and shaking the book in particular manners.

To engage all of the kids at the Read-Aloud, have each child come up to complete the action on the page. Or, assign each child a color; red, yellow or blue and have them act out their color dot's actions in the book. This site even has colored dots that you can print and tape or pin to each child as their color assignment.

There is even an iPad and iPhone app that allows kids (and adults) to play with the multicolored dots to create pictures, play games and imagine all of the things that colored dots can be.

Press Here has a website with videos, reviews and downloadable activities.  Print off a mini version of Press Here, play a matching game with the dots and the requested action or create your own pages with interactive ideas. Herve Tullet's website has even more videos about the book and shows covers of the book in a multitude of languages.

Use the book's theme, "It's not magic. It's the power of your imagination." to direct your choices of accompanying books.  Other interactive books that require audience participation would be great choices to go with Press Here at your next Read-Aloud.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to use a little of the energy the kids bring to the session by way of getting them physically involved with a book. Have you found that this works better one-on-one or have you found a way to use it with a larger group?

  2. It can work great either way. To use it with a group, have each child do the actions on one page, then move to another child. If you have a small group, each child will get several turns and they'll be eager to see what they'll get when their turn comes around again.